How RPA bots add value to HR departments

RPA bots can support HR departments in many different ways. If you are looking for new employees, the software can help identify those applications that meet the basic requirements. As a matter of course, humans will then do the granular selection and make the final decision.

In today’s labour market, employer branding is an important issue that is relevant not only for current employees, but also for applicants. Timely and justified rejections are considered good manners and the same is true for sharing good news without delay. If many young talents apply for an open position and receive neither a job proposal nor a rejection letter after the interview, this information might quickly spread in social media and damage your company’s reputation with long-term effect. RPA can help make contact management during the application process easier and save resources at the same time.

For existing employees, there is a very important area where the RPA software can help: payroll accounting. Flawless records and salary schemes are important and help build trust among your personnel. Whenever payroll tax brackets or master data change, RPA robots can help transfer any changes to the entire system even if you have many thousands of employees. Travel cost accounting is also an area that oftentimes requires a lot of time and resources. RPA can help check travel cost requests for completeness and accuracy and can take care of the entire process all the way to authorisation.

RPA is multifaceted

Digitalisation has given us useful tools than can make businesses even more efficient and save resources. RPA can be used throughout the entire company and there is hardly an area that cannot be optimised. As experts for the digitalisation of business processes and especially RPA we look forward to sharing our expertise with you, answer any questions you might have, and help take digitalisation at your business to the next level.