How Ms. Mayer's company benefits from mailroom digitalisation

In today's fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to optimise business processes and save costs in order to remain competitive. The management of a company's mailroom plays a decisive role here, as it is co-responsible for the smooth running of business operations.

But what to do when the handling of the mailroom becomes more and more cost-intensive and one is faced with ever new challenges?

Ms. Mayer is head of the back office and internal organisation at Versicherungs AG and, with her few employees, is gradually losing track of all the mail that comes in and out of the company every day. In addition, many of her employees who are in charge of processing the daily mail will retire in the next two years.

Read on to find out how Ms. Mayer dealt with these challenges and ended up reducing costs and freeing up resources!

The challenge: lack of overview regarding mailroom management 

Mailroom management is becoming more and more complex: the upcoming retirements are giving Ms. Mayer a headache. It has never been so difficult to find motivated skilled workers. In addition, the question of the right size of processing areas and storage space is a challenging matter.

 According to the budget plan, a considerable reserve must be built up in order to be able to bridge the next five years well. But where are the savings to be made?

The solution comes in the form of an ad by Austrian Post

While researching on the internet, Ms. Mayer happens to come across an ad by Austrian Post - the headline reads:

"Save costs with efficient mailroom management".

 The service is described in more detail on a landing page:

"We at Post Business Solutions will take the management and organisation of your mailroom off your hands. The worry about processing incoming and outgoing letters and parcels is over. We take care of the time-consuming processing of registered mail and parcels, the acceptance of courier services, and the management of PO boxes for you!"

Actually, this is exactly what Ms. Mayer needs right now. The outsourcing of mailroom management would cushion the impending staff shortage and also save resources.

Ms. Mayer wanted to take things one step at a time and decided to have her mailroom certified first. The implementation was very simple for Ms. Mayer.

A friendly and service-oriented employee from Post Business Solutions carried out a mailroom certification for Versicherungs AG, which didn’t take long. The inexpensive certification provides information about what is already working well and where there is potential for optimisation. Ms. Mayer was surprised at how much she was able to learn in the process: thanks to the certification, she received an analysis of her mailroom; as a result, processes could be optimised with actionable steps. This resulted not only in reduced costs for Ms. Mayer's area, but a mailroom that operates more efficiently across the board!

After these pleasing results and the insights gained from them, Ms. Mayer went one step further a few months later and decided to outsource her mailroom management. Post Business Solutions offers to take care of the entire mailroom management, including all tasks from mail acceptance to internal delivery. This means not only a reduction in costs for Mrs. Mayer's department, but a mailroom that operates more efficiently across the board!

However, the changes in the company do not end here: after an informative discussion with her personal Post Business Solutions contact, Ms. Mayer decides in favour of the extended combination of mailroom management and mailroom tracking. The latter makes it possible to track the location and delivery of letters and parcels in real time.

If Ms. Mayer were to sum up her experience, she would first of all praise the mailroom certification as a cost-effective way to optimise mail processing in the company. Outsourcing mailroom management has also significantly reduced the workload in the insurance company and advanced digitalisation. With mailroom tracking, she has simplified the tracking of important incoming mail and can now provide clients with precise and transparent information on the location of the mail!