Product adjustments What's behind the latest product and price adjustments?

At Österreichische Post, our number one priority is to make sure that all letter mail items are delivered to all recipients in Austria in a swift and reliable process. For this to work smoothly, we sometimes have to adjust our products. Whenever external circumstances change or if we believe that a product adjustment would make life easier for our clients, we make the corresponding adjustment. This is the case for our Info.Mail product.

Changes to our product Info.Mail 

The content-related requirements for sending Info.Mail items used to be too broad and they were not clearly defined. This did not meet the actual purpose, i.e., sending direct advertising items. Therefore, the product adjustment for Info.Mail Advertising effective 1 January 2022 now follows the definition of direct advertising items pursuant to the Austrian Postal Market Act. This definition stipulates that other identical notifications that do not exclusively consist of ads, marketing, or advertising material are not considered direct marketing items. Concurrently, effective 1 January 2022, we introduced Info.Mail Public as a new product for sending items of general interest, legally mandated information, or official election information.

For detailed information about our products Info.Mail Advertising and Info.Mail Public, please see "GTC- Info.Mail", "Product and rate overview - Info.Mail Advertising", "Product and price overview - Info.Mail Public" and "Special conditions - machine processability". 

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The Austrian postal services market

Since the liberalisation of the postal services market in 2011, the Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH (RTR) as well as Post-Control-Kommission have been the regulatory bodies in charge of ensuring that everybody in Austria has access to affordable basic postal services (universal services). These regulatory bodies have the task of supervising all postal service providers active on the market based on the Austrian Postal Market Act. 

The Austrian Postal Market Act regulates the postal market and ensures that the entire Austrian population and all Austrian businesses have access to a large and inexpensive range of high-quality postal services.

In our video about product adjustments to our Info.Mail Advertising and Info.Mail Public products, Martin Wolf, head of sales for letter mail, newspapers & regions explains the difference between these two products and what will change for clients. He will also address the most important questions.

Price adjustments

In addition to adjustments to our products and services, we are also adjusting our prices so that we can keep offering the service quality our clients expect.

From 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, the consumer price index (CPI) increased by 2,8% so that we had to adjust our prices accordingly for the following products: Info.Post, Info.Mail Advertising, newspaper delivery (daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers), Sponsoring.Post, company newspapers, Plus.Zeitung and regional publications

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