Plus.Zeitung publications: the fastest track to your readers

Benefit from express delivery of your newspapers & magazines – your publication is sure to reach your readers in just 2 business days! Plus.Zeitung publications are a great choice for media channels that are just establishing themselves on the market and want to appeal to smaller reader groups. Magazines with a smaller circulation and a short standard runtime can also benefit from this offer.

Why you should book Plus.Zeitung publications

Thanks to extra swift delivery, the information you provide is always up-to-date and tailored to the needs of your readers. Plus.Zeitung also offers you the opportunity to react flexibly and promptly to current developments and special events, giving you a major competitive advantage.

By delivering promptly, you signal to your readers that their needs and expectations are a priority, which helps strengthen not only satisfaction but also long-term customer loyalty. Speed becomes your hallmark of quality, earning trust in the process!

Your benefits with Plus.Zeitung publications

  • Express delivery within 2 working days
  • Available from a small print run of 500 items
  • Great choice for special interest magazines

How does the delivery of Plus.Zeitung publications work?

Requirements & planning

The following factors determine if your items are suitable for our Plus.Zeitung publication service:

  • Addressed items with identical content
  • Items are published under the same title with consecutive numbering and different content
  • Min. 8 pages per issue
  • Min. 51% editorial content

The Plus.Zeitung express service CANNOT be used for the following items:

  • tems with excessive (more than 50%) or purely advertising content
  • Magazines published in the name of companies or brands
  • Item formats beyond the prescribed shipping dimensions

Preparing for shipping

  1. Registration agreement
    A registration agreement must be concluded for each newspaper title in order to send it as a Plus.Zeitung publication. Just submit your application online via the electronic business customer portal ELLA at Prior registration for ELLA is not required!
    For the newspaper registration application, you will need a sample copy of your publication (max. 50 MB) as well as the contract number if you wish to defer payment or the corresponding form with signature and company stamp in the case of settlement by a third party. Don't worry: missing forms can be requested from sales staff or obtained via our contact form.
  2. Prepare shipping documents
    Now create the posting lists and bundle labels for all variations using the Austrian Post Posting Manager.
  3. Pre-notification of posting
    Announce your items using our Austrian Post Posting Manager.
  4. Provide a sample before posting
  5. Post your items
    As a final step, post your publications at the contractually agreed posting location during predefined times. You find a list of the addresses and opening hours of our logistics centres in the download area.

Please note the following:

  • Bundling by locality, distribution area and distribution zone bundles (ascending by postcode, cross-tied)
  • Bundle height: 20-235 mm
  • Max. bundle weight: 10 kg
  • Min. 10 pieces per bundle (except heavy items)
  • Enclose a fully completed bundle label with each bundle – do not forget to indicate the title and contract number!
  • You can deliver several bundles together on one pallet. Please note the maximum weight of 700 kg per pallet.

Supplements to Plus.Zeitung publications

You have the option to add supplements or inserts to your publications. These must meet certain specifications depending on the type of supplement or insert:

1. Requirements for supplements

  • Supplements created by the in-house editorial staff
  • TV and radio programme supplements
  • Are added in the exclusive interest of the publisher/media owner
  • Max. weight for all supplements: 200 g

Price: the total weight of the publication including all supplements will determine the rate.

2. Requirements for third-party inserts

  • Inserts with editorial or advertising content by third parties
  • Full or partial advertising envelopes (except when indicating the title and number on the first page of the publication and if there is consecutive numbering)
  • Advertising covers placed before the editorial cover page
  • Tip-on cards in the full or partial interest of third parties
  • Not allowed: invoices, payment reminders

If you are planning to add product samples to your insert, please check with Austrian Post in advance.

Price: for third-party inserts, we will charge a separate fee per 100 items, depending on the weight.

3. Requirements for inserts with excess weight

  • If the total weight of all third-party inserts exceeds the publication's own weight (including supplements), they will be considered inserts with excess weight
  • Max. weight for inserts with excess weight: 1.5 kg
  • Max. weight for the entire item including packaging: 2 kg

Price: inserts with excess weight are charged at a weight-based rate per 1,000 units.

Facts and figures

Publication frequency min. 4 times/year
Delivery time E+2: within 2 business days (Monday through Friday)
Posted volume min. 500 items, extra payment to reach minimum volume is available
Subsequently posted items not available
Minimum dimensions L 140 x W 90 mm
Maximum dimensions L 420 x W 300
Maximum weight 2,000 g incl. packaging and inserts
Franking impression

- in three lines on the front or back or on the packaging


Österreichische Post AG
Product code PZ
Contractual number
Product letter: P
Sender's address

Österreichische Post AG
PZ 05Z06781 P
Any Business, Any Street 10, 1010 Vienna

Return information

If you do not want returns, please indicate: "Retouren an Postfach 555, 1008 Wien" or "Nicht retournieren"

If you want returns sent back to the sender or to a PO box: EUR 0.02 net/item

VAT Subject to VAT (not part of universal services)
Posting documents Posting list and bundle labels from our Österreichische Post Posting Manager


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All relevant information is available under "GTC Plus.Zeitung" and "Special conditions - machine processability".

Plus.Zeitung product information (available in German only)


Posting documents

Posting list for Plus.Zeitung publications (available in German only)


Bundle label for Plus.Zeitung publications (available in German only)


Bundle label for Plus.Zeitung publications (available in German only)


List of logistics centres and opening hours (available in German only)


Correct addressing with foldout (available in German only)


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