Plus.Zeitung publications

Does your publication target smaller groups of readers or do you want to get your issues to readers as swiftly as possible? In that case, Plus.Zeitung publicatios are a great choice for you.

Your benefits:

  • Swift delivery within 2 business days
  • Available for a volume of 500 items and up
  • Great choice for special interest magazines

What is considered a Plus.Zeitung publication?

  • Addressed items with identical content
  • Items are published under the same name with consecutive numbering and different content
  • Min. 8 pages per issue
  • Min. 51% editorial content

What is not considered a Plus.Zeitung publication?

  • Items with excessive (more than 50%) or only advertising content
  • Magazines published in the name of companies or brands
  • Item formats that do not meet the predefined dimensions

Requirements for inserts

1. Supplements

  • Inserts by the in-house editorial staff
  • TV and radio supplements
  • Are added in the exclusive interest of the publisher/media owner
  • The total weight of the publication including all supplements will determine the weight class
  • Maximum weight for all supplements: 200 g

2. Third-party inserts

  • Inserts with editorial or advertising content by third parties
  • Full or partial advertising envelopes (except when indicating the title and number on the first page of the publication and if there is consecutive numbering)
  • Advertising covers placed before the editorial cover page
  • Tip-on cards fully or partially in the interest of third parties
  • Not allowed: invoices, dunning letters
  • Check with Österreichische Post before adding samples
  • We will charge an additional weight-dependant fee per third-party insert

3. Inserts with excess weight

  • If the total weight of all third-party inserts exceeds the publication's own weight (including supplements), they will be considered inserts with excess weight
  • We will charge them by unit depending on the weight
  • Max. weight for inserts with excess weight: 1,500 g
  • Max. weight for the entire item including packaging: 2,000 g
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All relevant information is available under "GTC Plus.Zeitung" and "Special conditions - machine processability".

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