UniCredit Bank Austria uses dual delivery

More and more businesses are using Dual delivery. Many things speak for using this approach: busineses will benefit from the many advantages or this advanced technology. With physical letters, companies attract their clients' attention and earn their trust. Sending e-letters is just as safe and allows businesses to save half the postage while reaching approximately 350,000 e-letter users. The number of users increases on a steady basis and, ultimately, the potential for cost reduction at companies.

Bank Austria and Österreichische Post – a successful collaboration  

UniCredit Bank Austria is one of the leading and most solid large banks in Austria. It is part of UniCredit, which is one of the most successful pan-European banks. Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and a commitment to sustainable and social projects are top priorities. UniCredit Bank Austria and Österreichische Post AG have successfully been collaborating in the area of printing services since 2017. UniCredit Bank Austria was quick to choose Dual delivery, which is why the existing printing solution was expanded to include digital delivery. Since then, depending on the recipients' digital availability, documents are removed from the printing workflow and delivered digitally as e-letters. This approach ensures efficiency and security on all levels while achieving significant savings on postage.

Dual delivery for increased sustainability  

Dual delivery does more than ensuring that items take the most inexpensive way to the client. Since e-letters save paper and delivery routes, business correspondence is more eco-friendly, which decreases the corporate carbon footprint. This is yet another plus that is in line with the corporate philosophy of UniCredit Bank Austria and adds another layer of sustainability and responsibility.

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