How does Einfach-Brief work? Sending letters from your computer made swift and convenient

Printing business correspondence, stuffing envelopes, franking, going to the postal branch: for Sonja R., an assistant at a Vienna-based advertising agency, taking care of mail takes up a lot of time. Since she works part-time, this can be stressful. Luckily, there is the time-saving option of taking care of business mail from the convenience of one’s own computer. One example is the “EinfachBrief“ online service, which gives users the time to take care of their company’s core business.

To Sonja, posting the advertising agency’s mail has become more and more of a challenge. Whether it’s individual documents, mail merge or addressed advertising: these days, mail processing at any company requires a lot of time. Recently, the agency organised a prize draw, which meant that more than 500 addressed advertising items had to be printed, put into envelopes, franked, and posted in a very short period of time. As if that weren’t stressful enough, the printer broke and was only fixed at the last minute. Even though the project was concluded as scheduled, it took up more time and resources than planned. This prompted the agency to look for alternatives that would allow their employees to take care of daily business correspondence electronically and from the comfort of their computers. 

Sending letters at the click of a mouse

Österreichische Post had the solution they were looking for. The “EinfachBrief“ online service is a great fit for companies of any size. It allows them to send all letters electronically. Österreichische Post takes care of printing, stuffing envelopes, franking, and, as a matter of course, posting.

This service is easy and, first and foremost, swift: after a one-time registration, users can upload letters in PDF format to the EinfachBrief portal. Österreichische Post will take care of all the rest. In practice, the solution looks like this for Sonja:

  1. She saves the desired letter as a PDF – for that purpose, Sonja has downloaded a template from the dedicated portal where the address field is predefined and instructions for fonts and font sizes are provided. This makes it easy to get the design right.
  2. She then chooses the shipping option, layout, and printing  – the system allows her to choose the most convenient and most inexpensive shipping option for the document at hand.
  3. Subsequently, Sonja will make sure she has an overview of the list of sent items – this list will show all letters she has previously uploaded included printing costs and postage. She will always have a good overview of pending letters.
  4. 4. As a last step, she will check and then send her letters – this is usually done at the click of the mouse. Sonja can use the “EinfachBrief“ service to have individual letters, mail merge, registered mail, and addressed advertising items delivered. All items approved by 5 p.m. will be sent on the following business day.

Items sent through the “EinfachBrief“ service can also be sent as e-letters to registered recipients, which additionally saves half the postage.

For Sonja and her agency, the “EinfachBrief” service has made her everyday work considerably easier. She can take care of many mail items swiftly and conveniently using her computer and she does not have to worry about having enough envelopes in stock or if the computer is working. This significantly reduces her stress level and saves frequent trips to the postal branch, allowing Sonja to focus on her main tasks.

Other than taking care of your EinfachBrief, Österreichische Post is also happy to produce, print, and send other documents such as invoices, payment reminders, payment slips, insurance policies and direct mailing campaigns. These will either be delivered electronically as e-letters or printed and delivered in envelopes as physical mail items. With a total of roughly 500 million printed A4 pages and 100 million items per year, Österreichische Post AG is the number one in digital and transactional printing in Austria.

EinfachBrief – your benefits at a glance:

  • Send letters 24/7
  • Swift and convenient from the comfort of your computer
  • A great choice also for SMEs
  • Digital posting saves time
  • Also available for mail merge, registered mail, and addressed advertising items
  • 50% lower postage if delivered as e-letters

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