Mail room management at Semperit

For more than 100 years, Semperit has been one of Austria's best-known companies in the world. Österreichische Post runs this company's internal mailroom in Traiskirchen. Since teaming up with Semperit in 2008, we have continuously expanded our range of services and we now also provide facility management services and reception services.


The mailroom and the call centre were costing a lot of money and it was hard to use the staff to the best of their abilities. Semperit hoped for Österreichische Post to be able to optimise processes and to reach a higher service level.


Semperit hired Österreichische Post to run the internal mailroom and the call centre in an effort to save money while also increasing the service level. After an intensive analysis, we were able to make suggestions for actionable steps for optimisation and implement them. Since then, the timely collection and delivery of daily mail is ensured. We deliver the mail directly to the departments and prepare outgoing mail for shipping.


The above-mentioned steps allowed Semperit to use one postal vehicle less. Overall, the costs decreased by 50%. In addition, Semperit benefits from uninterrupted opening hours at the mailroom and a higher service level.

Let us help you as well

In view of increasing digitalisation, mailrooms are turning into highly relevant information hubs that process all kinds of physical and digital input and output. This goes hand in hand with increased requirements and more complex processes. Let us assist you in the operation and evolvement of your internal mailroom, adapted to your specific needs.