Get documents digitised

Get access to relevant documents at any time and wherever you are. After the careful digitisation of archive data, microfilm, and historical documents, you can easily archive and classify them. You will need less space, reduce the amount of paper used, and save valuable resources with lasting effect.

We offer digitisation services for the following document types:


Document and archive digitisation

Get easy digital access to relevant archive data and optimise your document management processes.

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Historical archives

We use extra care and gentle processes to digitise old newspapers, photos, books, paintings, and more.

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Microfilm digitisation

Roll films, microfiches, jackets, microfilm cards: we digitise your microfilm to facilitate convenient access to your data.

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Your folders will be sent together with important content or picked up by us and scanned in high resolution.

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Benefits of document digitisation

The digitisation of high-volume, older, or sensitive documents has many advantages. With Österreichische Post, you will have a reliable partner by your side:

  • Saves space and storage areas
  • Protects information from break-ins and natural disasters (e.g., flooding)
  • Increased security with encryption and optional multiple storage
  • Swift search in large amounts of data thanks to full text and metadata
  • Fewer media inconsistencies
  • Facilitiates working across companies thanks to digital collaboration