Dual delivery for businesses

Dual delivery means that Österreichische Post will receive your data and check if recipients have agreed to electronic delivery. If the answer is yes, we will provide inexpensive electronic delivery for your item as an E-letter to the e-letterbox. If not, we will print the document, put it in an envelope, and deliver it physically. Your items will thus always find the most inexpensive way to your clients.

How does dual delivery work?

Dual delivery combines our  E-letter and transactional printing services to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution. This solution is the interface between printing service providers and e-letter recipients:

  1. During the transactional printing process, an interface or SFTP upload is used to transfer print data.
  2. The system will determine automatically which of your recipients have signed up for receiving e-letters.
  3. Depending on the available delivery options, we will choose the most inexpensive letter posting option for you, either electronic or physical.
  4. Reliable delivery to all recipients is guaranteed.

For electronic items, the delivery status can be tracked all the way to delivery and opening via our interface.

Benefits of dual delivery

For senders, dual delivery saves not only time, but also money:

  • Reduces printing and shipping expenses: per e-letter, you will only pay half the standard postage, independently of the amount of pages
  • Delivery is guaranteed and reliable, whether you choose physical or electronic delivery
  • Maximum security standards
  • One-stop solution: from data transmission to delivery, all services are provided by Österreichische Post. Recipients will also enjoy additional functions such as accessing e-letters in the Österreichische Post app

Increased sustainability with dual delivery

Dual delivery not only ensures that an item will find the most inexpensive way to clients. Since it saves paper and delivery trips, it ensures environmentally friendly communication, which in turn reduces a company's ecological footprint.

For what businesses is dual delivery the right choice?

It is especially large businesses that will benefit from dual delivery combined with transactional printing. Before the items are printed, we will check if recipients have agreed to receive e-letters. If this is the case, the item will not get printed on paper in the first place, but will be delivered electronically. All other items will be printed in the high quality you expect from us and delivered via traditional mail. This allows you to send your business mail in a cost-efficient manner and without wasting any valuable resources.

Our online service portal EinfachBrief is available for small volumes. Choose this option to have Austrian Post take care of printing, enveloping, and posting. By the way: this service also allows you to choose between sending your item electronically or via post.

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