e-payslip - digital distribution of payslips and other documents

With the electronic payslip, your employees have access to their pay statements, employment contracts, expense reports, and other relevant documents anytime and anywhere. Businesses also benefit from reduced effort, as there's no longer a need to print, envelope, and distribute confidential pay information. Payslips generated from the payroll system are made available and automatically distributed via an online portal that meets the highest security standards. Here’s another plus: the service is developed as a plug-and-play self-service tool, offering very quick onboarding and the option for self-administration. Our experts are, of course, available for any questions you might have.

High security for sensitive data

Similar to insurance policies or invoices, payslips contain sensitive information that needs special protection. Reliable server hosting in Austria ensures enhanced security and strict data protection policies.

Benefits for companies

The e-payslip can provide solutions by digitising and automating processes. It offers many advantages, especially for employers:

  • Easy data transmission to both internal and external staff, as the payslip is always available online
  • Reduction in payroll processing effort by eliminating the need for reprints (payslips are archived for seven years)
  • Cost reduction due to elimination of printing, paper, and postage expenses
  • High security against unauthorised access to others' payslips
  • Secure administrator access to make settings adjustments at any time
  • Insight into the delivery and receipt status of documents
  • Easy and quick onboarding as the service is designed as a plug-and-play self-service
  • Automation option via the use of an interface

The processing of other documents (self-generated files like commission statements, employment contracts, health information, etc.) is also easily possible. Along with the advantages of a digital and automated workflow, our e-payslip also offers a very transparent pricing model. With different pricing tiers based on your monthly transactions, you pay only for the services you actually need.

Benefits for employees

Not only the senders but also the recipients greatly benefit from the electronic payslip:

  • Employees gain insight into various information (payslips, employment contracts, travel expense reports, time records, etc.)
  • Payslips are always accessible and don't need to be specially requested
  • No additional archiving requirement for payslips (automatically archived for seven years)
  • Data remains accessible even after changing employers
  • E-payslips are available regardless of location (including via smartphone or tablet)
  • Easy handling, practically no training required

Other forms of digital delivery, like digital incoming mail, ensure even less paper in the office. Additionally, Mailroom consolidates all your documents in one place, allowing you to access relevant paperwork anytime, anywhere, and keep track.

How the e-payslip works for employees

The digitisation of business processes has one major advantage: process simplification. The e-payslip is the best example of this, as employees can access their current and archived payslips in just three steps

  1. Employees are notified by e-mail or text message about a newly available payslip (if the employee has provided an e-mail address or phone number)
  2. Login via the e-payslip portal
  3. Payslips are available in digital form for viewing and downloading

Additionally,  payslips are automatically archived for seven years, enabling access even after the end of an employment relationship.


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