Electronic delivery of official mail Delivering and receiving official documents

The way we interact with authorities and with official forms is evolving. One of the main benefits of digitalisaton is that even important and official documents no longer need to be provided on paper.

Effective 1 December 2019, businesses and private persons have the option of receiving documents from the authorities via the Chancellery-authorised mailbox of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs. For businesses, this mailbox is available as part of the Business Service Portal (USP, for the German acronym).

What does this mean for public authorities?

Public authorities have the opportunity of reaching their recipients via the services provided by Österreichische Post while always choosing the most convenient delivery option. This is how it works:

  1. You will create the message to be sent in the data processing programme of your choice.
  2. We use an interface in our hybridService sending module to determine if the recipient in question wants electronic delivery.
  3. The item will be delivered electronically to the overview module in the Federal Computing Centre (BRZ, for the German acronym) for private clients or to the Company Service Portal for businesses. Alternatively, the item will be sent via traditional mail. Any items that are not sent electronically will be printed out and put in envelopes.

One of the many convenient aspects is that you do not have to export items as PDFs first and then upload them. Thanks to the interface to hybridService, all that is done automatically in your data processing programme.

What does that mean for businesses and recipients?

Businesses and other recipients have the convenient option of receiving important items from the authorities via the Business Service Portal. In addition, they can receive RSa and RSb letters in a safe and reliable process using the mobile phone signature.