Robotic Process Automation Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an innovative technology that relies of software robots ("bots") to automate digital business processes. These bots emulate human computer work, carry out repetitive manual tasks and ease the workload of those who are your most important asset: your employees.

How does RPA work?

RPA bots carry out structured and repetitive processes automatically and error-free. They can recognise content on screens, make entries on the keyboard, copy, move, and delete data as well as many other activities. These artificial assistants make sure that their human co-workers can take care of those really challenging and creative tasks: being in touch with clients, developing new concepts, creative work, and productive collaboration.

RPA is different from other automation solutions mostly because it relies on a low-code approach and the fact that the screen is used as an interface. This makes RPA the first technology that can automate business processes without the need to adapt these processes themselves or underlying IT systems.

RPA uses the existing infrastructure and does not need any sophisticated interfaces, which makes it inexpensive to implement. The areas of use of this technology range from the use of existing interfaces (APIs) and the automated operation of standard applications all the way to extracting and analysing unstructured data via machine learning. If implemented correctly, RPA has the potential of dramatically increasing efficiency.

Many areas of use for RPA bots

RPA allows users to have many different digital processes taken care of automatically and to connnect individual tasks using a workflow management approach.

  • Access websites and process content
  • Download and save data
  • Extract and transform data
  • Analyse data and make calculations
  • Use programmes on a Windows system
  • Transfer data between applications
  • Carry out logical process steps
  • Can be combined with machine learning
  • Use interface services (API)


Our RPA-related services


Let us help you choose the right technology and plan the architecture and infrastructure.

  • Strategic consultation for the RPA integration
  • Assistance and planning for the technical integration
  • Employee training



We will assist you all the way from process analysis to the real-time operation of your automated workflow.

  • Process analysis and assessment
  • Process documentation
  • Developing, testing, and deployment of the RPA workflow



We can take care of the operation of your bot as well as continuous monitoring.

  • Process operation and monitoring
  • 1st level support for your employees
  • Incident management
  • Licence management



We will also be happy to provide the necessary licences for your RPA solution.

We will assist you right from the start of the RPA implementation. During in-depth consultations, we will show you the potential inherent in this technology for your company and we will be at your side during the set-up of the infrastructure and the development of the first workflows. Even if you have then acquired the necessary expertise yourself, we can support you in all future endeavours.


Data protection and data safety

Protecting your data is a priority for us. To ensure just that, we rely on an information security management system that manages the safe handling of data at our company and monitors it on a continuous basis.

Benefits of working with Österreichische Post

  • We work 100% on-shore, our developers are based in Vienna
  • Many years' experience in the area of process automation
  • Our business analysts are IREB and IPMA certified
  • Extremely secure - digitalisation compliant with maximum security standards and data protection policies
  • Additional services available, e.g., classification, extraction, and validation of documents to be integrated into an automated process

What RPA can do for you:

  • Saves time and money
  • Increases quality and customer satisfaction
  • Increases employee satisfaction because repetitive tasks are reduced

RPA applications

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