Transport logistics Send flyers and more in the mail

You can outsource all transport logistics services for paper-based publications such as catalogues, letters, mailing campaigns, brochures, and flyers to Österreichische Post. These items will be incorporated directly into the Österreichische Post network and are then delivered to their destinations in Austria and abroad.

Comprehensive service for your company

In addition to picking up your business mail, Österreichische Post offers the option of shipping partial and full loads as well as small volumes of print products. This allows you to conveniently send flyers, catalogues, advertising letters, and other items through Österreichische Post. In a flawless process, our experts at Österreichische Post make sure that your shipments to destinations in Europe are picked up as scheduled and delivered directly to one of our distribution centres in Austria.

You will save time, money, and resources because Österreichische Post will take care of scheduling appointments between you and the carrier. Since we work with carefully selected freight forwarders only, we guarantee available freight space for your items even during peak times such as Christmas. This allows for solid planning while making your corporate processes more efficient.

We offer the following services for print publication shipment:

  • Consultation about the most inexpensive shipping option
  • Price research and negotiations
  • Appointment coordination with clients, producers, and freight forwarding companies
  • Customised quotes with tiered pricing
  • Comprehensive quality controls
  • Access to Österreichische Post systems (e.g., the preliminary data database) by the transport logistics company 
  • Additional services (e.g., lettershop services)

In addition, printing and posting are consolidated into one solution called FLYERALARM POST-VERSAND  in collaboration with our partner Flyeralarm. This solution allows you to define the distribution area and other options when placing your printing order.

Your benefits

As a reliable partner, Österreichische Post will support you along the way and offers many benefits for the delivery of catalogues, broschures, and other advertising material:

  • Shipping coordination from a single source
  • Collaboration with renowned freight forwarderse
  • Cost optimisation thanks to tiered pricing
  • Swift shipping and delivery processes