AllesPost Germany – delivered to Austria

Wondering what to do if an online shop delivers the desired product to Germany, but not to Austria? Not a problem! With AllesPost Germany, you will receive a German delivery address to which your order will first be delivered. We will register your item there and forward it directly to your address in Austria. Here’s another plus of AllesPost Germany: you get to choose from all available Austrian Post receiving options.

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AllesPostDE24 to get your first delivery free of charge.

1 voucher for a free AllesPost Germany delivery worth €7.49, valid until 31.12.2024, redeemable once. No cash redemption.

  • The AllesPost Germany service is free of charge.
  • Enter your personal AllesPost Germany address as the delivery address for the desired online shop.
  • The order will be delivered to our German shipping warehouse, labelled with a new address label and handed over to Austrian Post. 
  • As soon as our partner in Germany has accepted your item, we will notify you via e-mail.
  • You will receive a payment link in the e-mail and can pay for your item online using this link or directly from the item tracking service.
  • The order will be delivered to you by Austrian Post as usual. All Austrian Post receiving options are available from the time the parcel is accepted. 
  • We are working on an AllesPost Germany returns solution. At present, returns are only possible as international shipments.

Please note: only use the service within the EU, as international online shops may incur customs and import duties and we do not accept such items.



Setting up the service is free of charge. We only charge EUR 7.49 per item when an order is sent to your AllesPost Germany address.