Legal information regarding orders

General information

Your orders are subject to this order information as well as the terms available for the selected product or online service. You have to accept all of the above before you can place your order.
Unless provisions to the contrary exist, a contractual relationship is not established before Österreichische Post AG (hereinafter referred to as "Österreichische Post") has sent an order confirmation (via e-mail).


All fees for online services such as authorisations to receive mail, vacation hold mail, preferred postal branch, collection service, AllesPost and online parcel stamps are gross rates that include all statutory taxes and duties, especially VAT. The fee for the online redirection service and for the online parcel stamp is part of universal services and as such exempt from VAT.


Fees can be paid using any of the indicated payment options.
You must ensure that the selected payment option has sufficient funds to cover the invoice amount. Any transfer and bank charges as well as any online fees will be charged to you.


To use most of our services, you have to sign up and for some, you have to prove your identity. Before you can use such services for the first time, please sign up by clicking on "Sign up now". After you have entered your personal information in the online form, you will need to verify your identity just once to be able to use specific services, e.g. redirections or authorisations to receive mail. This can be done online or at any of our Austrian Post service locations.

Business clients have the option of verifying their identity at one our Austrian Post service locations or with their personal customer advisor by showing them a printout of their registration data and proof from an official register that they are a commercial client (e.g., company register, commercial register) Alternatively, you can register as a business client via the Austrian Post customer service.

After the identity verification process has been completed, the desired online services and products will be activated for you.

These will be available immediately after you log in with the e-mail address (=username) and password chosen by you.

It takes three business days (excluding Saturdays) to set up the desired online services (except AllesPost, online parcel stamps and online express parcel stamps).

Accuracy/completeness of data/technical functionality

All data provided by you during the registration/order process must be complete and accurate in order to allow Österreichische Post to duly provide the services you have ordered. Wherever e-mail or text message notifications for online services or products are sent, you must additionally ensure the technical functionality of any contact options indicated by you, or else Österreichische Post will accept no liability for any damage.

Right of rescission

If you are a consumer as defined in the Austrian Consumer Protection Act as amended, you can rescind the contract within fourteen days starting on the day the contract was signed without having to state reasons. To exercise your right of rescission, please send us an unequivocal declaration about your rescission from the contract via our contact form.

Consequences of a rescission

In the case of an effective rescission, Österreichische Post will reimburse you for all payments received without delay, but no later than within fourteen days starting on the day we receive your rescission declaration. The reimbursement will be made using the same payment option you originally used for the transaction, unless we have explicitly agreed on a different process with you. Under no circumstances will we charge a fee for this reimbursement.

If you have asked for the service to be provided before the end of the rescission period, you shall pay Österreichische Post an adequate amount that corresponds to the portion of services in relation to the full contractual service volume provided before the point in time when you informed us about your intention to exercise your right to rescission.

The right of rescission is excluded if you order online services that Österreichische Post has started to provide, at your explicit request and with your acknowledgment of the loss of the right of rescission in the case of full contract performance, during the rescission period and ultimately fully provided the service during the rescission period. We kindly ask for your understanding that there is no right of rescission for personalised and customised products adapted to your needs (Section 18 (1) (3) of the Distance Commerce Act).

The right of rescission is excluded for online parcel stamps and online express parcel stamps because these are a customised and personalised product that is adapted to your needs (Section 18 (1) (3) of the Distance Commerce Act).

The right of rescission is excluded for our collection service because parcel shipping as part of the collection service includes a specific and contractually agreed time frame (Section 18 (1) (3) of the Distance Commerce Act).

Liability by Österreichische Post

The liability of Österreichische Post shall be governed by the terms and conditions applicable to the specific product selected (GTC AllesPost, GTC redirections, GTC vacation hold mail, GTC P.O. box, GTC authorisation to receive mail, GTC collection service, GTC parcel stamps and release delivery authorisation) in the version applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract. 
For the other products/online services (absence, preferred branch, and parcel forwarding), Österreichische Post shall only be liable for damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent conduct. There shall be no liability for slight negligence. Compensation for indirect damages, lost profits, financial losses, consequential damages, savings not achieved and damages from third party claims against the customer are excluded. 
These limitations of liability as defined in the preceding paragraph shall not apply to consumers pursuant to Section 1 of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act in the case of personal injuries and damages resulting from a breach of the respective main contractual obligation.