Receive parcels, where you want

You are expecting a parcel and when it is supposed to come you are not at home? Never mind! You can permanently redirect your parcel throughout Austria. Simply set this in the delivery options in your Post Account.

Note: If you would like to receive your shipment at a different location at short notice, you can change this directly in My items or in the Post App.

  1. Log in to your Austrian Post account.
  2. Click on "Set delivery option".
  3. If you have saved several addresses to your Austrian Post account, you can choose any of these addresses.
  4. Click on “Change delivery option”.
  5. Choose the desired delivery option: 
    • Forward parcels to a pickup station or Austrian Post service location  
  6. Click on "Apply”. Please note that any changes take a minimum of 3 days to become effective.
  7. You can see and change your delivery option at any time by going to My services.