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Our yellow sustainability package

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Österreichische Post has been serious about sustainability for quite some time. Österreichische Post AG was the first company to guarantee CO2-neutral delivery to its clients. This was back in 2011.

To learn how we designed this process and which steps we take, please visit post.at/co2neutral 

As part of our sustainability strategy, we have created a yellow sustainability package that not only includes green issues such as sustainability, but also diversity and customer orientation.

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One more time - Re:Postboxing

What does sustainable packaging look like?
Take your chance now! Consumers are invited to reinterpret parcel packaging and submit ideas for reusable packaging. How can shipping packaging be made reusable? There are no limits to creativity. Take on the role of inventor and submit your ideas.  You can find more info about the ideas competition here

CO2-neutral delivery - how can it be done?

Our CO2-neutral delivery relies primarily on the following pillars:

  1. Avoiding CO2 and increasing efficiency: a sophisticated fleet and energy optimisation of buildings
  2. Increased use of alternative technologies: expanding the electric fleet, renewable energy
  3. Offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions

  1. Österreichische Post electric vehicle fleet

    Electric vehicle fleet

    Since 2011, our electric vehicle fleet has continously grown to become the largest in Austria. In 2021, we are proud to say that our electric vehicle fleet now includes more than 2,100 vehicles. The energy needed for operating these vehicles comes from our photovoltaic systems. We are clearly on the right path because after 2021, we will no longer purchase vehicles with internal combustion engines. Our goal is to be fully CO2-free by 2030. In 2018, we submitted this goal as an "EV100 goal" to the international "ClimateGroup" organisation.

  2. City Hub Graz delivery person on bike with bike trailer

    Graz City Hub

    In large cities, we are already working on making our delivery processes CO2-free. In Graz, we have already made great progress because Graz is the first city in Austria where we actually already make CO2-free deliveries. This makes Graz a successful pilot project that will be applied to other cities in the future. Oftentimes, we won't even be using vehicles anymore because many delivery persons use their cart to deliver mail in their area, meaning that they have been CO2-free for a long time.
    Our dedication for emissions-free city logistics is being recognised. Among others, Österreichische Post has received the 2021 Transport Logistics Award in the “sustainability” category. At the 2021 National Awards for Environmental and Energy Technology, this innovative project was honoured with a nomination in the “Environment and climate” category.

    Would you like to learn more about this? Read our blog post now.

  3. CO2-neutral logo

    CO2-free by 2030

    At Österreichische Post, we invest in e-mobility and alternative propulsion systems to reach our self-imposed goal of having completely CO2-free delivery processes by 2030 and of exclusively using vehicles with alternative propulsion systems on the last mile. Oftentimes, we won't even be using vehicles anymore because many delivery persons use their cart to deliver mail in their area, meaning that they have been CO2-free for a long time.

Climate protection in line with scientific findings

Climate protection has been on our agenda for a long time. As early as in 2017, we were the second Austrian company to set a science-based climate goal. This climate reduction goal was reviewed and accepted by the Target Initiative, which is an independent science-based organisation. In 2021, we started to revise our existing climate goal and to make an even more ambitious contribution to climate protection. The new goal will be to keep global warming under 1.5°C.

Österreichische Post employee walking by a photovoltaic system

Green and efficient buildings


Österreichische Post ranks among the largest operators of photovoltaic systems in Austria. More and more roofs at our logistics locations sport solar panels. These panels are now the standard for any newly built logistics centre. Photovoltaic systems rely on the power of the sun to produce green energy that is, among others, used to power our steadily increasing fleet of electronic vehicles. As of today, our photovoltaic systems produce 2.5 million kilowatt-hours of green energy per year. To cover additional energy needs, we exclusively purchase green energy from Austria.
Green space concept photovoltaics

Green and efficient buildings

Green space concept

A successful sustainability strategy needs a matching green space concept. Österreichische Post facilities are increasingly turning into a habitat for animals and plants. Since 2018, we have had beehives at our Vienna letter mail centre. This forward-looking green space concept not only has a positive effect on the fauna and flora as well as the local climate, but is also much appreciated by our employees. On the green roof of the Vienna letter mail centre, the rare and endangered crested lark has found just the habitat it needs and has been living there for several years.

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Re:Post is the Österreichische Post upcycling project introduced in 2020. Design students teamed up with the industrial and textile designer Lisa Klingersberger to find ideas for turning the discarded uniforms of Österreichische Post 12,000 employees into new clothes and articles of daily use. The results of this project will be made ready for series production in collaboration with workshops that support people with special needs. In 2021, discarded delivery bags were upcycled during the Poolbar Festival.

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Österreichische Post lorry with solar panels

Lorries with solar panels

In transport logistics, sustainability is also a priority. We currently only purchase the most sophisticated lorries with the best emissions standards available on the market. In addition, since March 2020, we have been testing solar panels on the box truck to allow for even more eco-friendly trips. The goal is to generate the power needed for the electric load on the lorry itself and to feed it into the battery, which helps save fuel.

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Packaging cycle

When it comes to maintaining the value of products and materials as long as possible, logistics plays an important role. In addition to corporate waste prevention, packaging is a key issue, especially given the drastically increasing e-commerce volume. Packaging comes in many shapes, forms, and materials. Österreichische Post has teamed up with renowned research institutions to develop green packaging that meets our clients’ expectations. One of our success stories in this area is the Österreichische Post reusable box. It can be stacked, it allows for safe shipping and, and obviously reusable.

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Österreichische Post services that save trips and CO2

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Parcel forwarding

Are you expecting a parcel and know that you will not be home? Not a problem! Just forward the parcel to wherever it’s convenient for you, anywhere in Austria.

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Release delivery authorisation

Would you like to receive your items even if you are not home? Use our release delivery authorisation to make it happen. Depending on the size, we will deposit your items either in your postbox or at a spot of your choice at your home.

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How about receiving all your parcels through Österreichische Post? This is now possible with our AllesPost service. No matter which delivery service was supposed to deliver your parcel, with your AllesPost address you will be sure to receive all your items through Österreichische Post.

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