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Track & trace

No data found for your inquiry.

Possible causes:

  • You might have entered the wrong number. Please check your tracking number
  • You item does not have the additional "Track & Trace" option
  • Your tracking number is invalid
  • Your item number starts with RO. As the second character, please use the letter "O" instead of the number "0".


  • You will know your item's whereabouts at all time
  • You can save your items under a name of your choice.

Redirect a parcel

It is up to you to decide where and when you would like to receive your parcel.

Status notifications about your item

We will automatically notify you about your item's delivery status.

Use our e-notifications for parcels! In addition to the "yellow paper slip" in your mailbox, we will send you an e-notification via e-mail or app.