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Shipping and mind #teamingup

Bringing shipping and mind together - we offer ways to bring people and their shipments together in the most stress-free, time-saving and uncomplicated way possible.

That is our goal. How do we achieve this? With innovative solutions that are tailored to the wishes and needs of our customers and are environmentally friendly. 

There is a suitable receipt and dispatch option for everyone. Many of them can be easily set up in your Post Account - whether you want to drop off shipments, redirect them or have parcels picked up from the comfort of your own home - we bring it all together.

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Allow item drop-off

You are not at home on the announced delivery date? No problem, leave your items conveniently at your preferred location or in the mailbox. Then your items will be there even if you are not at home.

Allow item drop-off
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Forward parcels

Are you not at home when your parcels are delivered and do not have a suitable place to leave them? You can redirect them quickly and easily, for example to one of over 500 pick-up stations, to a Post office, to a desired neighbor or to a desired day.

Forward parcels
Client looks at post app

Austrian Post app

Always know where your items are

Our Austrian Post app always gives you a comprehensive overview of your parcels and items. In the item overview, you will find all your deliveries and the latest status of your packages.

Use the app to schedule deliveries, select a pickup station of your choice, or redirect items. Thanks to our location finder, Austrian Post will always be near you, at any time and at any place.

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Two additional services to make your life much easier

Create your own parcel stamps at home, use them to frank your parcels, and post them 24/7 at an Austrian Post self-service area.

Alternatively, you can have any item franked with a parcel stamp or return label collected from the comfort of your home. Just order our collection service online to have your items picked up on the following day. It doesn't get any more convenient than this.

Parcel stamp

Parcel stamps

You want to send a parcel and save the way to the post office? Then design the parcel stamp online according to your needs and with customized prices. Then have the parcel conveniently picked up or post it at any time in the self-service zone.

Create parcel stamp
Picking up parcels

Have parcels collected

The last order did not fit and should be returned to the mail order company? Save yourself a trip to the post office and have the package picked up from home. Possible with prepaid items with return label and parcel stamp.

Have parcels collected
Clients at the self service zone of Austrian Post

Self-service zone

Send parcels and letters, post returns, pick up shipments, withdraw money or copy documents: All this and more is possible in the self-service zone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All services in the self-service zone
Digital yellow notification

Digital yellow notifications

With e-notification for parcels, you receive a digital notification by e-mail or via the Post app in addition to the yellow slip in your mailbox.

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Client picks up letter from mail collection box

Austrian Post mail collection box

The Austrian Post mail collection box has been created for depositing parcels, letters, and registered mail items right in your building.

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Never again to the parcel store

Receive parcels ONLY from the post office anymore? That is possible! You will then again have all the reception options of the post office available to you, such as having items dropped off, pick-up station or post office reception box. Reliable, practical and CO2 neutral!

That brings AllesPost
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Online Services

The online services offer many options for ordering postal services quickly and conveniently online, such as tracking shipments, dropping off parcels, redirecting them or having them picked up. This saves time, travel and nerves.

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