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Our innovative services for sending and receiving letter mail and parcels are a great choice for all clients who appreciate quick and easy 24/7 postal services.

Always nearby: find an Österreichische Post self-service area at the click of a mouse.

Franking machine

Use our franking machines to print stamps, parcel stamps, and labels for registered mail even when the postal branch is closed.
The format is determined by the item's longest side and weight does not matter. You can pay by debit or credit card.

Posting box

Use our innovative self-service stations at selected postal branches to post parcels even when the postal branch is closed. Just place the parcel inside the posting box. You will receive a printed proof of posting. Our online item tracking service will allow you to track your parcel's status at any given time.
Maximum dimensions for items posted in a posting box:
L 600 × W 400 × H 400 mm

This posting option is not available for hazardous goods (even NON-HAZARDOUS goods in LIMITED QUANTITIES and PATIENT SAMPLES).

Pickup station

At our pickup stations, you can pick up your items (letter mail and parcels) at any time you choose. Our pickup stations have a maximum of 334 and a minimum of 19 lockers. We will deposit your item in one of the lockers at the delivery station. This will automatically be done if the delivery person was unable to deliver it at your home (provided that your postal branch has a pickup station).


In this section, you will find additional information.

Franking your parcels at self-service areas

You can post your parcels 24/7 at all Österreichische Post self-service areas. A parcel stamp is required. You can create it online or buy it at the franking machine. This process is quick and easy.


  • You can post your items even when the postal branch is closed.
  • There is no need to indicate the parcel's weight to determine the price. The parcel's dimensions determine the postage. Just add the parcel's longest and shortest side.
  • Franked parcels and letters with item tracking can only be scanned and posted at our posting box. After you have placed your item in the box, you will receive a printed proof of posting.

Your parcel's dimension determine the postage fee:

Rate per parcel in EUR including VAT

 Parcel stamp Austria Germany Other countries**
 PM 45*  4.60 10.60 13.60
 PM 70*  6.60 15.60 18.60
 PM 120*  8.60 20.60 23.60

*) PM 45 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to max. 45 cm; PM 70 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to max. 70 cm; PM 120 = the parcel's longest and shortest side add up to max. 120 cm

**) All other EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic. Please note that no items can be delivered to EU overseas territories and to areas that do not belong to the EU customs and fiscal area (such as Greenland, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Channel Islands, etc.). Please note: the maximum weight per parcel is 31.5 kg. Österreichische Post liability per parcel: max. EUR 510.00.