Our pickup stations are a great alternative for depositing your items.

If you are not home when we try to deliver your mail, you will receive the traditional notification, the "yellow notification". If your item is deposited at a pickup station, you can pick it up with your "yellow notification". To do that, just hold the notification with the bar code in front ot the scanner at the pickup station. After you sign for the item, the corresponding locker with your item in it will open automatically. 

As a general rule, items can be picked up from Monday to Sunday

For additional information, please visit post.at/standortsuche or call our Österreichische Post customer service at 0800 01 01 01.

Easy steps

Follow these easy steps to pick up your item at a pickup station:

  1. Touch the screen and select "Pick up item".
  2. Hold the notification code in front of the bar code scanner or select "Keyboard entry".
  3. Please get your item from the locker and close it when you are done.