Franking and shipping around the clock - with the new posting box

No more queuing at the branch. Simply frank and ship letters and parcels1 - around the clock with our new posting box. Even returns that have already been franked can be posted very easily via the posting box. To make things even faster, you can post several items at the same time.


  • The posting box is there for you 24 h every day.
  • There are no waiting times.
  • Operation is simple.
  • Post parcels1 and letters completely contactless.  
  • Maximum format: 45 x 40 x 100 cm

Whether letter or parcel1: The posting box guides you through the posting process. Based on the dimensions table and the weight, it shows you the available rates. After printing out the shipping label, you insert your shipment. Practical shipment tracking is always included for parcels. All common cashless means of payment are accepted.

Franked and addressed letters and parcels (returns or parcels with a parcel stamp) can be inserted or dropped directly into the dispatch station. The new dispatch stations have two drop flaps - this means that considerably more items can be posted at the same time.
Customer uses posting box
1 within the EU