Mail collection box

Have your items be there even when you are gone!

Use the Österreichische Post mail collection box to have parcels, letters and registered items* deposited directly at your residence. After an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the delivery person will place the item in the mail collection box and let the addressee know. The addressee will then retrieve the notification from the letterbox and use it to open the delivery box.

To keep the cost low, we recommend installing one Österreichische Post mail collection box for every 12 households. Our L-Plus box fits approximately 93% of all items. For the remaining 7%, the item is either too large or subject to a fee such as customs. In such cases, your item will be available for pickup at your postal service location.

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*)  RSa and RSb items cannot be deposited
**) Use cannot be limited to specific addressees. With the mail collection box, Österreichische Post can deliver mail to all residents who live where the collection box has been installed (e.g., house, staircase). 

1. Press the bar code on the notification firmly against the button until the mechanism unlocks.
2. Open the mail collection box and immediately retrieve your item!
3. Place the notification card inside the mail collection box.
4. Close the mail collection box.

Eligible items
Parcels and letters (no RSa and RSb items)

Important information
After opening the mail collection box, the item must be retrieved. For security reasons, it cannot be opened once again at a later point.


Our mail collection boxes are equipped with several security features. Here are some of them:

Mail collection boxes are only used for one addressee at a time. This ensures that nobody but you will have access to your item.
Mail collection boxes have an encrypted security system that relies on RFID.
Items can only be collected after the notification by the delivery person has triggered the pro-cess.
Mail collection boxes are made of highly sturdy steel and are firmly screwed to the surface underneath. Breaking into them is pointless.
Mail collection boxes are child-proof and can be used by visually impaired persons.


  • Receive items 24/7
  • No more trips to the postal branch
  • No waiting
  • Opening hours are no longer an issue
  • Fastest option for receiving items when you are gone
  • The Österreichische Post collection box can be used by all staircase residents (no limitation to specific residents)

Several models of our mail collection boxes are available, depending on where they will be installed. Different sizes and colour are also available.

Available options depending on the location:

  • Indoors (preferrably stairwells)
  • Outdoors (covered and non-covered lobbies)

Available colours:

  • White
  • Gray

How much does the mail collection box cost?
Example: 20 households on the same staircase team up to buy a collection box "L" for indoors at EUR 209.00.
One-time cost per household: EUR 10.45!

Our mail collection boxes are battery-powered and therefore need no additional connections. Batteries will be changed by Österreichische Post as needed.

When placing your order, please indicate a contact person who will be on site and who can be contacted by our installation team. After we have received your payment, we will get in touch with the contact person to schedule an appointment. Your mail collection box will be ready for use as soon as it has been installed.

Get your FREE mail collection box now!

Ask your property management company check if your building is eligible for installing free mail collection boxes. If your building has enough apartments, the management company can get in touch with us by e-mailing us at or by calling us at 0800 010 100. Free mail collection installed in collaboration with property management companies are always yellow.
To order and for any inquiries, please call us at 0800 010 100


Area Dimensions H/W/L* Rate in EUR
Indoors 680/490/280 209.00
Outdoors 715/493/322 239.00
*in mm
Fits approx. 93% of items

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