Congratulations to all our winners! These are the most popular leaflets of 2021

This year, the Post Prospekt Awards to honour Austria's most popular leaflets were awarded for the 15th time. A total of 76 leaflets were on the shortlist which was presented in Kuvert, the advertising sleeve by Österreichische Post.

34,390 consumers casted a total of 275,120 votes using the voting cards in the Kuvert advertising sleeve or voted online for their favourite leaflets.

5 golden and 2 glass awards standing on a black table
Airborne Motion Pictures

Trophies awarded in eight categories for the first time

This year, the "Golden Poldis" were awarded in a total of eight categories for the first time, including the newly created "The favourite Kuvert cover" category.

In addition, prizes were awarded for the best digital leaflets in Aktionsfinder, the digital leaflet platform by Österreichische Post.

Congratulations to the winners!

The winners per category

Illustration with 10 leaflet designs
Illustration with two leaflets