Additional services for international letter mail - business

In this section, you will find information about registered mail, advice of delivery, insured letters and other additional services.

Simple registered mail

Use our inexpensive additional service "simple registered mail" to benefit from item tracking for your item from the time of posting in Austria all the way to delivery in the country of destination. Your item number allows you to track the status of your item on to many different destinations. "Simple registered mail" is an inexpensive alternative to "registered mail", provided that you do not need the recipient to sign for the item. The item will be delivered via a scan, which means that the recipient does not need to be home to accept the item. In addition, your item is insured against loss, theft, and damage up to 25 euros.
No other services can be combined with the additional service "simple registered mail".

Registered mail

Send important letters via registered mail. The delivery of your registered mail item will be documented in accordance with regulations applicable in the country of destination. Please note that this service does not include shipping the confirmation of receipt to the sender.

In addition, you can use your item number to track your item and its delivery status to many destinations.

Your item is also insured against loss, theft and damage for up to EUR 50. However, valuables (e.g., securities, precious metals) may only sent as insured letters.


Advice of delivery

If desired, an advice of delivery will accompany your item from the point of mailing to the point of delivery, where the recipient will sign it. The advice of delivery will be sent back to you as confirmation.

This additional service is only available in combination with our registered mail service.


Deliver to addressee in person

Items will only be delivered to the addressee in person or an authorised person. This additional service is not available for all countries and only in combination with our registered mail service. In specific countries, the "deliver to addressee in person" service is only available in combination with the "advice of delivery" service.

Insured letter

Whether you are sending securities or exclusive jewellery – your insured letter is in good hands and insured up to the specified amount. In case of theft or damage, Österreichische Post is liable for the specified amount.

This additional service is only available in combination with our Priority shipping option for international letter mail and our additional service registered mail. Insured letters must be labelled with the sticker for international registered mail. No other labelling that points to the valuable content of the item or any kind of sealing is allowed. 


International reply mail 

Capitalize on the benefits of international reply mail and pay for the recipients' postage if they reply to your international letter mail item.
International reply mail items are exchanged abroad as defined by local specifications. When exchanging an international reply mail item, clients will, after showing their international letter mail item, receive the required postage for an S letter mail item.
Registered mail is a service that is available for destinations worldwide. For detailed information and information about the countries for which additional services are avail-able, please see our online country-specific information (link), our International Letter Mail Handbook or ask at the Österreichische Post service location near you.

Additional services are supplementary services for which the value added tax depends on the main service. If the main service is subject to VAT, the total service including the additional service is subject to VAT as well.
Extra Services, Letter Mail in Eur
Simple registered mail
Registered mail
Advice of receipt1) 2.85
Deliver to addressee in person1) 2.85
Insured letter
(only in connection with Registered mail) *
1% of the declared value, which is rounded up to a
full hundred, but at least EUR 4.00

Collection fee 2)3) (in addi-tion to missing postage) - per reply item 0.48 (0.40 netto)

1) Only available in combination with our “registered mail” additional service.
2) Gross rate including 20 % VAT (net rate in parenthesis)
3) Will be charged in Austria at the time of delivery

Additional Services, M-Bag 1)
in EUR
Excluding VAT Including VAT
Registered mail 8.50 10.20
Advice of receipt 2) 2.85 3.42
Deliver to addressee in person 2.85 3.42

1) Gross rates including 20% VAT for destinations in the EU, net rates in parenthesis
2) Available only in connection with our "registered mail" additional service.

Other services Rates in EUR
International reply mail* - sales price 1.90
Collection fee1)2) (in addition to missing postage) - per reply item 0.48 (0.40 netto)
Tracing* per item 4.00
Poste restante* 2) per item  1,00
 Fee for subsequent recording per item3)  3.79 (3.16 netto)

1) Gross rates including 20% VAT, net rates in parenthesis
2) Will be charged in Austria at the time of delivery
3) Universal services and exempt from VAT in combination with a universal service product
* Universal services

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Document, Advice of Delivery


Template, International Reply Mail


International Letter Mail Handbook


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