Geomarketing consulting: discover and unleash hidden market potential

Would you like to optimise your marketing strategy so that your advertising activities precisely match your target audience? Uncertainties regarding your market and clients will become a thing of the past. With Austrian Post's geomarketing consulting services, discover tailor-made solutions and learn in which regions you can unlock your full potential!

What is geomarketing? A brief introduction 

Geomarketing is the key to a targeted marketing approach. It combines geographical data with market data to provide you with an in-depth understanding of your target market.

Our approach to geomarketing consulting focuses on identifying regions with high market potential and placing your advertisements effectively. Approximately 80% of business data have a geographical reference, which we use to link internal data with external market data. This combination forms the basis for our in-depth analyses.

Use our precise analysis results as a dynamic compass for your marketing and sales strategies. They offer a solid decision-making basis to optimise your marketing and sales activities and achieve targeted success. 

Your benefits with geomarketing consulting

  • Data-driven & fact-based decisions
  • Maximisation of hit rate
  • Advertising budget friendly
  • Geomarketing analyses as a basis
  • Clear presentation in the form of maps
  • Anonymised and data protection-compliant analysis of customer data
  • New insights through the linking of different data

Tailor-made solutions: our comprehensive geomarketing services portfolio

Discover the variety of our geomarketing services, tailored to your specific needs. In a no-obligation and complimentary initial consultation, our geomarketing experts will discuss your individual challenges and goals. This is your opportunity to clarify initial questions and provide us with insight into your current hurdles and future ambitions in advertising and sales.

Together, we will develop a clear understanding of your requirements and define precise goals. We will then present you with a selection of our diverse service modules, specifically designed to optimise your marketing and sales strategies. Whether you opt for a comprehensive package or just specific modules, we offer flexible solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our aim is to not only assist you in selecting the right services but also to support you throughout the entire project lifecycle. With our geomarketing consulting, we stand by you as a strong partner to maximise marketing efficiency and unlock new potential.

Precise analysis methods: unlocking your market potential

Our geomarketing analysis is based on two robust methods that provide deep insights into your target market:

  1. Potential analysis: this method allows us to accurately determine the presence and purchasing power of your target audience within the chosen market area. We identify where and how strongly your desired target group is represented to convey a clear picture of the overall market potential. These insights are crucial for developing targeted marketing strategies that tap into areas with the highest potential.
  2. Market penetration analysis: this analysis focuses on determining your current market share within the analysed target group. We examine which specific regions of the market area have the strongest representation of your target group. This analysis helps you understand how effective your previous marketing and sales efforts have been and where there is room for growth.

Combining these two methods gives you a comprehensive view of your market and clear indicators for strategic decisions. Our goal is to provide not just data, but insights that you can directly translate into successful marketing actions.

Benefits of our analysis

  • Optimal distribution plans for your advertising mailings
  • Suitable areas for existing customer management
  • Areas where acquiring new customers is worthwhile
  • Recommendations for optimised cross- and upselling
  • Planning of all sales resources
  • Management of location expansion

Flexible selection of consulting services or full project support

Our geomarketing consulting services have been designed to seamlessly adapt to your individual needs and goals. You have the flexibility to select precisely the service modules that best fit your company:


  • Defining analysis and model parameters
  • Identifying the available/required data basis
  • Defining the specifications for the analysis result

  • Preparing existing data
  • Compilation of additional market data
  • Preparatory work for the analysis

  • Building and implementing the analysis model
  • Performing the analysis
  • Generation of result tables and visualisations (as required) 

  • Interpretation of results and recommended action
  • Presentation of results

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

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