Austrian Post partners

Even more service options, even shorter trips, even longer opening hours. Together, Österreichische Post and Österreichische Post Partners offer even more benefits to cus-tomers and ensure service provision throughout Austria. We believe in providing postal services in everybody's neighbourhood all over the country. Be part of this success story and take your business to the next level.
In collaboration with the Austrian Association of Municipalities and the Federal Economic Chamber, we are looking for new Österreichische Post Partners throughout Austria. Approximately 1,350 Österreichische Post Partners are already working to ensure that postal services are available throughout Austria.

Benefits for everybody.
Everybody benefits from our Österreichische Post Partner initiative:

•  Our clients benefit from services near them and the opening hours of our local Österreichische Post Partners, which stay open longer than small postal offices and often-times are also open Saturdays.

  Regional medium-sized businesses also benefit from local investments and higher customer frequency.

•  This helps strengthen existing economic structures in rural areas instead of weakening them.

  Österreichische Post provides more efficient universal postal services, going beyond the statutory obligation to provide such services.

Approximately 1,350 Österreichische Post Partners are already taking advantage of these benefits. Being an Österreichische Post Partner is a win-win situation. Many stud-ies have revealed that satisfaction with this model is high.
If you have any questions or if you would like to apply to work as an Österreichische Post Partner, please get in touch with us.