School box

Österreichische Post goes school

Our "School Box" includes learning materials for the third grade. It provides an up-to-date overview of all Österreichische Post's activities, from logistics all the way to the history of stamps. These learning materials will help teachers explore the exciting and informative world of postal services with their pupils. 

The box includes the following: 

  • a booklet for teachers
  • work sheets (Download see below)
  • booklets with content suitable for children for a total of 26 pupils  
  • postcards and stamps for 26 pupils
To place your order, please e-mail us at and indicate your school's address.

This short video illustrates the journey of a letter. The video is available on YouTube. To find it, just search for "Der Weg eines Briefes Österreichische Post AG". Please note that the video is available in German only.

Austrian Post for schools, school box

School box worksheets (available in German only)


Inquiries about guided tours for schools:

Please direct any inquiries about guided tours for schools of a postal branch or Österreichische Post logistics centre to