Special post offices

Special post offices are set up for special occasions, including the issue of new commemora-tive stamps, during stamp shows, exhibits and other major events.
At special post offices, stamps are either cancelled with the official first-day special post-mark by Österreichische Post or, on special occasions, the matching special postmark pro-vided by the event organiser.  In addition to stamps and special postmarks, a variety of other interesting products is available at our special post offices.

As a special service for collectors of special postmarks, we have compiled a list of all cur-rently available special post offices in Austria, which includes exact location data and dates. This PDF list is available for download.

As an additional service, our Central Postmarking Unit will cancel your stamps up to 14 days after the stamp has been issued. Just contact our team at Steinheilgasse 1 in 1210 Vienna, Austria.

Update: due to COVID-19, there will be no philately events until the end of June. Starting in July, there will be selected events. If you have any questions, please call our Österreichische Post service locations:
Vienna +43 664 624 – 2164
Graz +43 664 624 – 1691
Steyr +43 664 624 – 1798

Video message by Stefan Nemeth
Head of Product Management and & e-business Branches



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