Terrific stamps dedicated to animals 04.08.2021

All about animals
Get your stamp editions, commemorative stamps and postcard booklets as well as your stamp booklets now. They all revolve around animals!
One stamp booklet is all about endangered species in Austria and another one about the “magic world of insects”. One of our postcard booklets features artistic animal motifs by the Vienna Workshop and yet another includes bird watercolours for sending “greetings with wings”. Another animal with wings is the terrific peacock in our exclusive stamp edition, with a large motif that covers the entire stamp sheet. Yet another stamp edition will take you to faraway places and their “exotic animals”. Last but not least, our “rare useful animals” series features the Jochberg bumblebee.

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Stamp booklet “Endangered animals in Austria“
Stamp booklet “The magic world of insects“
Postcard booklet “Animal motifs by Vienna Workshop” 
Postcard booklet “Bird watercolours“
Stamp edition 20, self-adhesive, “The peacock“
Stamp edition 20, “Exotic animals” 
Commemorative stamp “Jochberg bumblebee“