Out now: our new stamps & postcards 04.05.2022

Theme world art

The month of May makes everything prettier than ever: our philately products focus on the most beautiful aspects of art and will delight your eyes and heart with picturesque motifs on our new stamps and postcards. We have something for everybody, from old masters to modern caricatures. Expect aesthetically pleasing and poignant works of art in miniature format.

Our postcard booklet with works by the great Auguste Renoir is a true gem. Collectors and recipients alike will love our stamps and postcards with works by Albrecht Dürer. And the paintings of Lake Attersee by Gustav Klimt are now also available in a postcard booklet. 

When it comes to our stamp editions, we have a self-adhesive one dedicated to the Caricature Museum Krems. It includes 20 motifs by the most talented caricaturists, which makes for truly unique stamps. We also have stamp edition 20 with stunning pictures of the Vienna Secession and a stamp edition 8 that revolves around Chinese painting.

Postcard booklet "Auguste Renoir“
Postcard booklet "Albrecht Dürer“
Postcard booklet "Gustav Klimt at Lake Attersee“
Stamp Edition 20, self-adhesive, "Caricature Museum Krems“
Stamp Edition 20, "125 years Secession“ 
Stamp Edition 8, "Chinese painting“