Chocolate-inspired stamps and other delights 10.01.2022

Theme world indulgence

We are shining a spotlight on the delightful things in life, with attractive new stamps, postcards, and interesting information. Don't miss this opportunity to delight all your senses. These products are available at your local postal branch and at our online shop.

On 24 pages, the stamp booklet "Chocolate - interesting facts by Josef Zotter" lets you in on all the secrets about everybody's favourite treat. The booklet includes great recipes as well as unique postcards and stamps that will delight all chocolate lovers.

The stamp booklet "Austrian superfood" features energy boosters and nutrient miracles from Austria that will strengthen and invigorate us if enjoyed fresh and over an extended period of time. This booklet includes unique stamp motifs.

The postcard booklet "Austria, land of delights" will take you on a delightful culinary journey throughout Austria, as it includes dispenser stamps and postcards, with motifs including traditional meat dishes and desserts.

The stamp edition "Delicacies from around the world" includes 20 delightful stamps featuring typical food and delicacies from different countries of the world. These fruit and vegetables as well herbs and spices all make for a delightful sight.

In addition, our postal archive also has delectable treasures in store for you: in 1966, six commemorative dedicated to "Austrian fruit" were issued. Under the same name, our stamp edition now presents 20 wonderful additional designs along with interesting background information.

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Stamp booklet "Chocolate - interesting facts by Josef Zotter"
Stamp booklet "Austrian superfoods"
Postcard booklet "Austria, land of delights"
Stamp Edition 20 "Delicacies from around the world"
Stamp Edition 20 "Austrian fruit"