For your collection or as a special mail greeting 08.02.2022

Special stamps

Stamp enthusiasts and mail recipients alike love these truly unique stamps featuring selected motifs. Take a look at these small works of art, which are, as always, available at your local postal branch and at our online shop.

In our "Churches" series, the stamp edition 1 featuring the Saint Francis of Assisi church in Vienna was released on 1 February 2022. This strikingly beautiful church turns this stamp into a true collector item that also looks great on any letter.

As the name implies, our stamp edition 4 in the "Domestic animal kingdom" series revolves around domestic animals, presented from their very best angle. While animal lovers will surely have heard of brown rats, European green toads, Aesculapian snakes, and tawny owls, they are a rare sight on postcards and letters.

Our "100th anniversary of RIESS enamelware" commemorative stamp honours a traditional Austrian manufacturer of enamelware. The world-famous colourful pots in the "Pastel" series grace this stamp, making it a true sight to behold.  

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Stamp Edition 1, churches series, "Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Vienna"
Stamp Edition 4, series "Domestic animal kingdom"
Commemorative stamp "100th anniversary of RIESS enamelware" – set of 4 at 0.85