The historical express mail coach at the column "Spinnerin am Kreuz“ (Spinner at the cross). 21.07.2021

Commemorative stamp August Spinnerin am Kreuz

Taken from a picture postcard from the 19th century, the stamp shows a four-horse stage-coach with passengers. It passes the landmark on the Wienerberg and some farmers and pedestrians. The Gothic stone column was erected in 1452 by Hans Puchsbaum, the master builder of the cathedral. Before that time, a stone cross stood in its place. There are many legends about the landmark. One is that a woman sat at this spot day after day with her spinning wheel, waiting for her husband to return from the Crusades. She is then said to have donated the column as a sign of gratitude for his return.
The Spinnerin am Kreuz stands on the Wienerberg in the south of Vienna, now directly by the busy Triester Strasse in Favoriten, Vienna's 10th district. In the past, the 16-meter-high structure on the hill was largely visible and offered an impressive view of Vienna. It is decorated with turrets, pediments and gargoyles. The figures show the story of the Passion of Jesus. The stamp will be available from 27 August and will be issued in an edition of 140,000, in blocks of 1. With a face value of EUR 2.10, it can be purchased at all post offices, at and from Österreichische Post AG's collector service.

series: Historische Postfahrzeuge
value: 2.10 Euro
first day of issue: 27.08.2021
stamp size: 51.00 x 40.00 mm
sheet size: 100.00 x 60.00 mm
graphic design: Regina Simon
printing: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V.
offset printing
quantity: 140,000 stamps on sheets of 1 stamps

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