Corn bunting 16.02.2024

Special stamp corn bunting

The corn bunting is not only Austria's 2024 bird of the year but also the first issue in our new “Native birds" series.

This series, created in partnership with BirdLife Austria, introduces endangered native bird species. The inconspicuous corn bunting, the largest native bunting, is acutely threatened with extinction as its habitat is increasingly restricted by intensive agricultural use. To thrive, it needs open cultural landscapes with flower-rich fallows, small groves, and individual bushes for hiding, as well as solitary taller trees for use as song perches. In Austria, there are only a few small breeding territories left, primarily in the east of the country, such as in the Hanság (Waasen) at the Burgenland border with Hungary. More uncultivated areas, field margins, and ditch areas, as well as additional and expanded nature reserves, could still prevent the extinction of the corn bunting while benefitting other native birds.

Value: 0.95 euros
First day of issue: 02.03.2024
First day: 8230 Hartberg
Stamp size: 40.35 x 30.00 mm
Graphic design: Lisa Filzi
Printing: bpost Stamps Printing
Printing technique: offset printing
Quantity: 340,000 stamps on sheets of 10 stamps

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