Discount Code for Meine Marke Personalised Stamps

Give Mom a personalised stamp for this year's Mothers' Day

Finding a fitting gift for Mothers' Day can be a challenge. We want it to be personal, emotional and have a long-lasting effect. Our philately service offers a unique gift just like that which is customised and highly personal: a stamp with artwork chosen by you. It can be a family picture or a picture that is associated with lovely memories. It can also be a picture that you know means a lot to your mother. You can also use such a personalised stamp as postage for a letter to your mother or grandma if you cannot see them personally.

 Design your own stamps with your personal artwork. It's easy and convenient! Just use our Meine Marke personalised stamp configurator available on Our product Meine Marke 48 allows you to order any amount starting at 20 units and make people happy. Just upload a picture of your choice and place your order. You will receive your personalised stamps within 48 hours.

Benefit from this special offer: use our coupon code C12ED5D to receive a special discount of EUR 10 on your Meine Marke 48 order from 25 April to 30 June 2019.
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