Featured Commemorative Stamp, June 2020 30.06.2020

Götzens pilgrimage church

The Saint Peter and Paul parish church in Götzens is considered one of the most beautiful rococo village churches in Tyrol. 
For a long time, it belonged to the Axams parish, but since local people wanted an independent parish, the parish church was built in 1772 by the Götzen-based master builder Franz Singer. The style is baroque and rococo. Our new commemorative stamp features the splendid façade of this church as well as Saint Paul, one of its patron saints.

Series: Churches in Austria 
Face value: EUR 1.35 
Day of issue / available from: 29.06.2020
Stamp size: 37.70 x 45.00 mm
Artwork: Kirsten Lubach
Printing: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V.
Printing technique: offset printing
Amount printed: 180,000 stamps on sheets of 50 units each 

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