Cute and flowery stamps & postcards 04.04.2022

Newsletter Fauna and Flora
Our current theme for our philately products will take you to the world of flora and fauna with wonderful motifs.

If you like animals and if you like bringing joy to others with heartwarming animal motifs, you will love our new philately products. One of them is the postcard booklet “Animal puppies at a farm”. The name says it all: it includes six stamps and six postcards with awfully cute animal motifs. The images in the postcard booklet “Animal babies at Schönbrunn Zoo” might be slightly more exotic, but no less cute. And the Stamp Edition 8 “Our pets – our darlings” includes stamps depicting our most loyal companions.

Flower lovers will also be excited about our new products. One of them is our Stamp Edition 20 “Blooming joy” with wonderful floral illustrations. Or take our self-adhesive Stamp Edition 20 “Colourful flower power” with a single large flower bouquet that covers all 20 stamps. With our postcard booklet “Say it with flowers”, you can make good on the promise of the booklet’s title by sending flowery greetings that speak for themselves.

Postcard booklet "Animal puppies at a farm"
Postcard booklet "Animal babies at Schönbrunn Zoo"
Stamp Edition 8 "Pets - our darlings"
Stamp Edition 20 "Blooming joy" 
Stamp Edition 20 self-adhesive "Colourful flower power"
Postcard booklet "Say it with flowers"