True gems at a discount 02.03.2022

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Is something missing in your collection? Complete it now! 

In March, we are offering remaining stock at a discount. The discount is available for a limited time only and applies to more than 50 postcard booklets, stamp booklets, and stamp editions issued in the past years.

Get these treasures from the past at a steep discount! To find the right product for you, we recommend going to your local Österreichische Post branch or philately service location or browsing our online shop. Please note: some of the last remaining copies may not be available at all locations.

This means that if a product is not available in the online shop, your local postal branch might still have it. Just go ahead and browse our discount postcard booklets, stamp booklets, and stamp edition to see what you like.

Enjoy browsing our discount products!

Available at a discosunt from our online shop in March (available while supplies last):

Postcard booklet "Paul Cézanne"

Stamp Edition 20, self-adhesive, "Famous towers"

Stamp booklet "Our dogs - how to understand them better"

Postcard booklet "The colours of summer"