2020 Dialogue Marketing Report: insight for your advertising success and information about the effects of COVID-19 on the advertising industry Download your free copy now!

For the seventh time in a row, the Dialogue Marketing Report provides interesting insight into the Austrian advertising market and provides information about the advertising channels used by Austrian businesses and media use by Austrians.

This year's Dialogue Marketing Report also includes the use of programmatic advertising. Activities centred around customer loyalty programs also provide new insight into corporate media use.

For obvious reasons, the Dialogue Marketing Report also includes a supplement called "Effects of COVID-19 on the advertising industry". It describes how the current situation has affected Austrian companies' advertising activities and advertising expenses and how consumers' media use and purchasing behaviour have changed during and after the crisis.

To compile the 2020 Dialogue Marketing Report, the market research institute marketmind.at interviewed the advertising and marketing directors of 501 Austrian businesses. In addition, marketagent.com interviewed 1,018 Austrians between the ages of 14 and 69. For this year's supplement, more than 300 advertising and marketing executives and 1,000 consumers were interviewed.

 The main findings:
  • The Austrian advertising volume continued to grow in the year 2019.
  • Traditional channels such as leaflets and personally addressed advertising mail are perceived as particularly appealing and have a significant influence on purchasing decisions.
  • Online advertising, on the other hand, is perceived as intrusive and its advertising effect is much lower than for traditional channels.
  • Leaflets are the most trustworthy channel and are perceived as highly informative.

The crisis triggered short-term change

  • During the COVID-19 crisis, corporate advertising spending increasingly shifted towards online channels. However, traditional media still account for the bulk of advertising spending (90%).
  • After the crisis, additional advertising expenses are expected to grow for all channels except events.
  • During and after the crisis, leaflets will remain the advertising channel that is most likely to prompt purchasing decisions.

For detailed information including the supplement about the effects of COVID-19 on the advertising industry, please see our  2020 Dialogue Marketing Report

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