Additional services, international business parcels

Entrepreneurs often face the challenge of needing customised solutions. At Österreichische Post, our shipping and logistics solutions are as unique as your needs and requirements.
We collaborate with our clients to provide services adapted to our clients' needs: whether it is very small items that weigh 80 grams or items that weigh 800 kilos - we will find the right solution for B2C and B2B clients in Austria and anywhere else in the world.


Parcels will only be given to the addressee upon payment of the specified amount. We will then transfer the money received to any account in the SEPA area. Cash-on-delivery is limited to € 5,000.

Additional insurance

As a standard, we are liable for business parcels up to an amount of EUR 510. Additional insur-ance for a higher insurance sum is available upon request for a small surcharge.

Fragile items

We handle all business parcels labelled as "fragile" with extra care and process them manually.

Parcels with indication of value

For the following items, senders must indicate the insured value:

  • Cash, checks, securities, debit or credit cards, jewellery, precious metals, gems, urns with ashes, etc.
  • Any content worth more than EUR 510

The maximum insured value is EUR 25,000. Österreichische Post ships such items with special security precautions. For more details please visit our site Sending items with indication of value