Send items with indication of value

We recommend sending valuables and very important documents as items with indication of value:

  • Valid domestic and international currency (cannot be sent as international letter mail)
  • Securities
  • Precious metals, e.g., gold, silver, platinum, gold nuggest, gold and silver coins
  • Jewellery except costume jewellery; gems/crystals, jewels
  • Cheques, credit cards, cheque cards, debit cards 
  • Domestic and international savings bank deposit books
  • Valid domestic and international stamps
  • Valid domestic and international phone cards, event tickets, train/plane/bus tickets 
  • Vouchers and coupons
  • Paintings and antiques
  • Urns with ashes

As well as any other object that exceeds the following values:

Value in euro Item type
For international letter mail
For domestic letter mail
For domestic parcels
For international parcels
Post Express

Insured items receive special handling from Österreichische Post and are only delivered "from hand to hand". Österreichische Post is liable for up to the value indicated by you, which must correspond to the actual commercial value.

Österreichische Post handles your items with utmost care and will only deliver them to the recipient if they sign for it. You can check your items' status online at any time by clicking HERE.

Please note:

  • If the insured value exceeds EUR 1,500, the item must be sealed.
  • The maximum insured value for domestic parcels and domestic Post Express items is EUR 10,000
  • For international shipments, please note the different availability, value limits and regulations for each country. For more information, see Country Information for International Letter Mail and International Parcel Mail.
  • With Post Express International, the additional service Value is not possible.