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We have replaced the Dialogue Marketing Report and are happy to introduce a fresh take on the domestic advertising market with this new format. The Austrian Advertising Market Study provides valuable information on the advertising goals of businesses and their experiences with different advertising channels. For a comprehensive overall picture, we have compared the reactions of consumers to different advertising media. Based on representative surveys, we have divided the results into four sections dedicated to individual advertising channels for your convenience. The Austrian Advertising Market Study is also available as a free download.

Gain valuable insights for your advertising success

The study offers companies and marketers numerous advantages. You will benefit from the following aspects, among others:

  • In-depth knowledge about advertising goals: Learn what companies are trying to achieve with their advertising. Gain insights into the strategies of other companies and use this knowledge to define and achieve your own advertising goals.
  • Experiences with different advertising channels: Learn from the experiences of others. Which advertising channels were considered efficient to achieve different advertising goals? These insights help to use advertising budgets effectively and to optimise advertising measures in a targeted manner.
  • Insight into consumer behaviour: Based on comprehensive surveys, we capture consumers' reactions to different advertising media. This will help you understand the preferences and needs of your target group and develop targeted marketing strategies that capture their attention and interest.
  • New developments in the advertising market: Keep up to date with changes in the advertising landscape and adapt your strategies accordingly to stay competitive.
  • Unique results in different areas: Our study covers different topics from traditional advertising to offline and digital dialogue marketing to events and POS activities. Learn fascinating facts and concrete results that help you make informed decisions for your advertising campaigns.

The advertising market in numbers: new developments and consistency in the Austrian advertising market

In an effort to examine the developments in the advertising market more closely, companies were asked how they use their advertising budgets and whether they distribute their budgets differently. This information allowed us to determine which advertising channels are currently gaining popularity in Austria.

Surveyed businesses and consumers revealed interesting facts: flyers still remain the most effective advertising medium for increasing purchases. Likewise, brochure platforms are still popular sources of information for finding the latest deals and discounts.

Increasing advertising spending and different development depending on the advertising channel

A look at advertising spending shows a 3 percent increase. In addition, spending on online marketing  exceeded the billion mark for the first time. Spending on DOOH also spiked significantly. Interestingly, event-like activities have the highest increase in advertising expenditure.

Companies across many industries also plan to increase their budget for all advertising channels in the future. As a result, advertising forms such as personally addressed advertising mail will become more and more relevant.

The relevance of awareness marketing

This year's special section is all about awareness marketing. In our own survey, we studied the relevance and use of awareness marketing for businesses. Read the study to find out which advertising channels attract the most attention among consumers, among many other topics.

Further insights and results of the study

The Austrian Advertising Market Study provides you with insightful results and highlights from various areas of the advertising market. Further exciting and interesting results of the study include:

  • Advertising spending increased to almost 7.3 billion euros in 2022.
  • Leaflets remain the most effective sales tool - 42 % of consumers find that they are an incentive to buy.
  • Brochure platforms are most popular among 40 to 49 year-olds.
  • Personally addressed direct mail generates the hightest degree of loyalty to the company among consumers under 30.

Use the results to take your advertising success to the next level

Download the full report now and take a look at the detailed online version with all the facts and figures. Discover even more interesting insights and results that will help you better understand the Austrian advertising market and find the optimal mix for your advertising activities.