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Aktionsfinder discount finder provides the perfect digital reach for your leaflets. A total of 30 million brochure pages read every month make Aktionsfinder discount finder one of Austria's largest portal for discounts, offers and brochures. Rely on modular additional services such as push notifications, digilet, display ads, retargeting and brochure viewer for even more pinpointed contact with your target audience while they are in the middle of the decision-making process or while they are at the point of sale.

Media data:

  • 1,5 mio. views per month
  • 250,000 active users
  • 6 visits per user and month
  • 2:30 minutes session duration per visit
  • 4 mio. ad impressions
  • 1.2 mio. app downloads
  • 80,000 followers on social media

Source: Aktionsfinder June 2022

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