EinfachWerben advertising service: design your own advertising

Become an advertiser in no time and design your own advertising campaigns in an easy and straightforward process. With Austrian Post's easy-to-use self-service tools, you can create your campaigns from anywhere at any time with maximum flexibility and autonomy.

EinfachWerben offers two different tools:

You decide how you would like to reach your target audience. Austrian Post will take care of sending your postal items or delivering your online campaign.

Perfect for your marketing mix: use the combined power of both advertising channels! In addition to having your flyers mailed, you can create an online banner campaign. You will see that in this case, 1+1 adds up to much more than 2!

Get your 100 euros cashback now *

Use our two self-service tools to create and book one advertising campaign per tool by Juni 30, 2023 to get a 100 euros cashback.

After the end of the promotional period, we will contact you by email to process the transfer of the cashback amount.

*Important information on the special promotion "EinfachWerben – take two": during the promotional period from 1 April 2023 to 30 June 2023, all clients who order at least one campaign on both EinfachWerben Banner (post.at/einfachwerbenbanner) and EinfachWerben Print (post.at/einfachwerben) will automatically participate in the cashback deal and will receive a one-time 100 euros refund after completion of the campaign; furthermore, they accept the conditions of participation. Participants will be contacted by e-mail at the e-mail address provided after the end of the promotional period. Participants must provide Austrian Post with their bank account information so that Austrian Post can transfer the cashback amount of 100 euros to the account provided. The cashback amount is neither transferable nor exchangeable. Any taxes, duties, and fees associated with the cashback amount shall be borne by the participant.

As easy as it gets: the benefits of EinfachWerben advertising service

  • Maximum flexibility: launch your advertising campaigns when and where you want
  • Advertise either with advertising mail (EinfachWerben Print) or online ads (EinfachWerben Banner)
  • The booking process takes just a few steps
  • Design advertising yourself and save agency fees
  • Numerous templates for customising your advertising materials available
  • Online tutorials for support and inspiration

EinfachWerben Print: design & send flyers and other advertising materials yourself

Would you like to create your own advertising? With the self-service tool EinfachWerben Print, you can do just that in a few clicks. Create advertising materials to fit your needs, from flyers to cards, using your own templates.
Depending on whether you want to reach many people or target specific audiences, you have the choice between unaddressed and addressed advertising materials.

  • Available for flyers, leaflets, Kuvert mailings, and others
  • Addressed and unaddressed delivery in Austria
  • Delivery to verified addresses
  • Printing and shipping from a single source
EinfachWerben Print 

EinfachWerben Banner: create online banner & native ads and get them delivered

Reach your customers online with pinpoint accuracy. Choose from 18 different target audiences and reach those who are interested in your products and services. With our effective online campaigns, you will know in advance how often your campaign will be displayed.

  • Available for online banner or native ads
  • Available from just 500 euros
  • Adjustable by target audience
  • Fully transparent performance analysis
EinfachWerben Banner

Conditions of participation for cashback campaign (available in German only)