Euro.Post: send advertising mail to destinations in Europe Rely on Euro.Post to get your message across abroad. Distribute your unaddressed advertising items not only nationally, but also outside of Austria to reach more potential new clients.

What are my benefits with Euro.Post?

In addition to wider distribution, our international shipping service offers several other benefits:

  • Cost-effective due to direct delivery to the respective country of destination
  • Particularly effective in areas close to the borders of Austria's neighbouring countries
  • Option for geographical and, in some countries, socio-demographic selection

Increased advertising impact: teaming up to find the best solution

Benefit from the comprehensive expertise of Austrian Post: let us know which campaigns you are planning and we will help you find the best advertising opportunities for the respective country of destination. This includes, for example, determining the right distribution plan. By precisely tailoring your campaign to the target country, you will not only effectively reach your target audience but you will also save on advertising costs.

How can I use Euro.Post?

Given the different specification in the various countries of destination, we recommend you get in touch with us directly. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. Your best option is calling our hotline or using our contact form.

How are Euro.Post items delivered?

Thanks to our close collaboration with Austrian Post's subsidiaries and partners, we can guarantee optimal delivery of your items. By delivering directly to the respective countries of destination, we save on postage and reduce the costs for you.

What are the prerequisites for shipping items with Euro.Post?

Euro.Post is a great choice for sending leaflets and brochures.

Requirements Units/dimensions
Minimum volume 10,000 units per country
Minimum dimensions L 140 x W 90 x H 4 mm (depending on country of destination) 
Maximum dimensions L 350 x W 250 x H 50 mm (depending on country of destination) 
Maximum weight  Up to 1,000 g (depending on country of destination) 
Identical content, identical format and identical weight for all items

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