Mailing check

We update your address file for your next mailing campaign. Unlike the Address Check, this service is exclusively for one-time mailing.

Are you planning to send out a mailing campaign and don't know if your addresses are still correct? Would you like to get one correct file that is ready and set to print?

If the answer is yes, our mailing check service is what you need.

Your ready-to-print file includes:

  • New addresses after people have moved
  • Accurate mailing addresses
  • A single address for multiple entries
  • Information about deceased persons
  • No undeliverable addresses


Your benefits

  • Swift and inexpensive processing
  • Free analysis report
  • Updating for one-time use
  • Easy handling - no need to edit the address file
  • No IT expertise required

Pricing allows you to get an idea of the costs involved before you place the order. 
Description Fee per order
Flat fee, database EUR 232.20
Charge per 1,000 data sets
 EUR 57.73