Address Check

Every year, around 8% of Austrians relocate - that's approximately 842,000 individuals. With Austrian Post's Address Check, you can clean, correct, and update your entire database. Updated customer data can reduce your mailing costs and increase the success of your marketing campaigns.

Our Address Check at a glance

  • Detection and marking of undeliverable addresses

  • Identification of deceased customers

  • Automatic completion of missing information such as staircase and door numbers

  • Removal of duplicates

  • Comparison with the Robinson list for targeted communication

  • Provision of your updated addresses on ELLA

Benefits of Address Check

  • Easy and quick to use, thanks to ELLA – even without IT expertise

  • Correct and complete addresses in your database

  • Fewer returns and an increased chance of reconnecting with lost customers

How does Address Check work? 

  1. Data transmission via the ELLA business portal

    Upload your address data easily directly in the Address Check area on ELLA – this service is available 24 hours a day. Simply log in with your Austrian Post business client account and ensure beforehand that your account is activated for ELLA: if not, you will receive an invitation to the business portal stating your company and customer number via For more information on registration, please see the ELLA FAQ section.

    Once you have uploaded your data, you will receive a free and meaningful analysis report within one business day.

  2. Free analysis of existing data via ELLA

    In the first free analysis, the quality of your data is checked, and you immediately gain valuable insights about the number of customers for whom the following applies:

    • Duplicates in the database
    • Customers who have moved
    • Missing door numbers
    • Corrected addresses
    • Deceased individuals
    • Customers on the Robinson list

    This allows you to benefit from a clear presentation of your current data quality and identify any potential for optimisation. After the initial analysis, you can decide if and how you want your data cleaned.

  3. Cleaning the database: offer & rates
    With your analysis report, you will also receive a suitable offer, and you can decide on the extent of your data cleaning. Shortly after placing the order, you will receive your updated data for download.

Guaranteed data security with Address Check

For legal reasons, your data is stored for three months. This also serves as a time-limited backup for you, in case the data is lost, damaged, or if there are any questions about it. After three months, your data is completely deleted and cannot be restored by us. All Address Check services may be used for marketing purposes according to Section 151 of the Austrian Commercial Code. All personal data comes from our partner companies. The postal addresses are from the central address database of Austrian Post, which is continuously maintained and updated.

Check list for submitted address data 

To be able to process your data efficiently and correctly, certain format requirements must be met – please check your data carefully once again before submitting it to us.

  • File format: .txt or .csv file
  • Delimiter: semicolon or tabulator (the selected delimiter must not be used in any data field.)
  • Addressing: First name;last name;street;house number;postcode;city/town
  • Partial addressing: street;house number;psotcode;city/town

  • Field name in the first line of the file
  • The following required fields must be included:
  • First name and last name OR company (not required for partially addressed items)
  • Street
  • House number
  • Postcode
  • City/town
  • Unique data set ID
  • The following fields are optional:
  • Prefix
  • Title
  • Date of birth

The following fields are possible, but will not be taken into account for the address check.

  • When processing international addresses: contry codes available and data segmentation by:
  • Austrian addresses
  • German addresses
  • Swiss addresses
  • Addresses for the rest of the world 



Address Check price list (available in German only)


Address check specifications for provided data (available in German only)


Adress check template (available in German only)


Address check template (available in German only)