Address check

Address check - clean up your address database

Our address check service allows you to find clients who have moved. Reduce the amount of undeliverable items due to missing address elements, unknown adddresses or insufficient address quality. 

Your benefits:

  • The system recognises clients who have moved and you will receive their new address
  • Deceased clients will be highlighted
  • The system recognises undeliverable addresses
  • Missing staircase or door numbers will be added

Easy steps to accurate data
To get your free analysis, just send us your data via a secure internet connection (https, 128 bit encryption). Within 24 hours, you will receive a free analysis report with valuable information

From this report, you will learn the following:

  • how many of your clients have moved
  • for how many addresses the door number was added
  • how many addresses were corrected
  • how many people are deceased
  • how many clients appear in your database twice
  • how many clients are on the Robinson list

Shortly after we receive your order, you will receive the updated data for download.
Based on the analysis report and the corresponding quote, you can decide if you would like us to clean up your data.

Reasons for an address check

8% of Austrians move every year, which amounts to approximately 680,000 people or 340,000 households in Austria. Update your database to stay in touch with your clients. Updated customer data decrease your expenses for mailing campaigns and increase the success rate of any market-ing activity.

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Address Check price list (available in German only)


Address check specifications for provided data (available in German only)


Adress check template (available in German only)


Address check template (available in German only)