New hybrid letter with advice of receipt

Now better and improved: our hybrid letter with advice of receipt!

What are the new features?

  • Digital certificate of posting*: the sender will receive electronic notification that and especially when the item was processed at our distribution centre.
  • Delivery process with handheld device: the recipient will sign directly on the delivery person's handheld device, which makes the delivery process easier and safer. The delivery status and the advice of receipt as well as new required additional information (e.g., the receipt status of the person receiving the item) are retransferred electronically.

As a matter of course, we want to make sure all other clients can switch to the new interface so that they can use our new and improved features as soon as possible. For technical specifications and requirements as well as detailed information, please see the interface description, the status matrix as well as the official letter NEW PPT in the download area.

*Unfortunately, this is only possible for items that can be processed on our distribution machines.

How existing hybrid letter clients can switch in 4 easy steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment for a test run with your customer advisor or call our Österreichische Post customer service at 0800 212 212
  2. Before the test run, send the test IDs you would like to use to us
  3. We will simulate the delivery in our test environment and will then return the data to you
  4. As soon as you have given us the green light, we will provide access to the new export interface

Are you interested in this service? Information for new clients

To receive comprehensive information, please contact your customer advisor or call our customer service hotline at 0800 212 212.

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All relevant information is available under "Product and rate overview - official letters with advice of receipt."


Notification format template, hybrid official letters (available in German only)


Notification format template, MF official letters (available in German only)


Product brochure, letter with advice of receipt (available in German only)


Status (master) xsd file (available in German only)