About us

Focus on your core business and benefit from our useful outsourcing opportunities.

We offer fulfillment solutions that go well beyond traditional and professional processing. Depending on your needs, you can select from our basic and value added logistics services. We will provide a comprehensive concept to fit your needs. Post Systemlogistik provides all services along the logistics chain, from merchandise receipt to storage and order picking all the way to packaging, posting and returns management, from a single source. In addition, you will benefit from our professional additional services such as advertising material logistics and value added delivery. Outsourcing certainly pays off!

We make the following promise to our stakeholders. It includes four key areas:


We stand behind the decisions we make and we work together to implement them. We make the very best use of our performance potential, use synergies, and rely on our experience across departments. We see change as an opportunity, actively promote improvement and work hard for our clients’ benefit.  


Tthe basis we rely on and our number one priority is responsible action. At Post Systemlogistik, we actively work towards avoiding and reducing emissions in our own core processes by increasing the efficiency of our fleet and in the area of facility management.


We strive for respectful interaction with each other along the entire supply chain. We are customer oriented and focus on continuously improving what we do through clear and open communication. As a reliable business partner, we promise performance to our clients and we never fail to deliver on this promise. We set the standard for quality and customer orientation. We take criticism from our clients seriously and see it as an opportunity for improvement. All this we do with you and for you.  


We focus on meeting our clients’ needs and helping them succeed. Our decisions are based on complete and transparent information, which is why we believe in solid documentation. We strive for trust-based relationshipswith our clients. We provide logistics with a plan each and every day.